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We have over 30 years of history in the automotive paint realm that began in 1987 when we came to Torrance California and opened ClassicRunners USA, which blossomed into a leading specialist for early Sixties and Seventies Japanese Vintage motorcycles such as the Kawasaki Z1 among others. This burgeoning bike business allowed us to foster a close working relationship with ColorRite, the leading supplier of OEM color-matched motorcycle paint. 

Then Developing a website wasn't easy back then, but we did it, and became a pioneer for supplying Automotive Touch up across the USA. While the ColorRite model as a motorcycle touch-up paint supplier was a proven one there was no viable counterpart in the automotive touch-up paint market. After extensive research into automotive paint supply manufacturing we formed a partnership with ColorRite and launched ___ 2005 to address the needs of people looking for OEM quality automotive touch up paint.  A lot of things have improved since the old days. Quicker shipping, better paints, and more customers. Join us for our next 30 years we will be here for you. 


At ___ we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, accurate color matching, and fast, reliable shipping. We value our customers and are always ready to help them in any way possible. We can cater to any type of customer; from the individual with a small scratch that just needs a touch-up, all the way to a professional automotive paint shop that needs that hard to find color. Our wide-ranging customer service approach extends to this site so that everyone, from the amateur to the pro, can find what he or she needs. We've applied research from all over the world to help us achieve the best, most user-friendly, accurate site possible. While other automotive touch up paint sites are based on the perspective of a body shop or professional auto painter our site is built for everyone from the experienced to casual auto paint customer.


We take our name seriously at ___with shipping and delivery faster than any of our competitors. Other companies may take upwards of three to seven days to fill and ship. But we can ship in one to three business days and in some cases the very same day of the order. Our just-in-time inventory control system keeps our prices in check while ensuring a quick turn around for your automotive touch up paint order.


In addition to our prompt shipping, accurate information and customer service the content on our site covers automotive paint color charts from the Sixties all the way up to current makes and models. Our paints are OEM quality for excellent color matching and durability. ExpressPaint is the largest full service auto paint distributor, offering paint for cars, motorcycles, PWC, snowmobiles, and more. No one else comes close to the range we offer! Like we say, any color in any size.

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