1/2 oz. Touch Up Jar Clearcoat

1/2 oz. Touch Up Jar Clearcoat

Chips in your paint need that need to be repaired. When you fill in that ding with color, it must have a clearcoat over it. The clearcoat is an important part of the paint, and with ExpressPaint's Touch-Up jar of clearcoat you can maintain that coverage. Chase the ding, apply the color, then apply clear with the 1/2 ounce of urethane clearcoat, polish and buff and you'll have a perfect repair. This clearcoat is a perfect match for other ExpressPaint clears (eggshell matte coatings non-withstanding), and you can apply it to cured OEM finishes too. Plan to spend a little time wet-sanding or polishing a touch-up clearcoat subsequent to application and drying to guarantee an ideal match. Important - Be sure to avoid mixing different brands of paint as untoward chemical reactions may result. ExpressPaint only tests and will only guarantee its products when used with other ExpressPaint products.

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We can only ship touch-up pens and bottles to APO, FPO, Hawaii, and Alaska, and we cannot ship aerosol or pro size to these addresses.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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